Delivering excellence

Loraine Midda MBE MSc

Jumping from The ArcelorMittal Orbit, at 262 feet, the UK’s tallest sculpture, hanging onto a piece of rope is rather like the life I have led. Taking up a variety of challenges. Planning, preparing and taking every opportunity to continually experiment with self development has led me to this point. Living in the moment.

Keen to change behaviour in the workplace my career has seen me create motivating programmes that engage individuals and  teams at all levels. An inspirational coach using a variety of expertise and skills to inspire others on their journey.

I am a keen runner with a close knit family providing a source of inner joy. "It is also extremely humbling to have been awarded an MBE for doing things that I love".

I was introduced to Jon Kabbat Zinn the founding master of Mindfulness (started in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979) when he spoke at Parliament. His inspirational manner along with proven results encouraged the Members of both Houses to engage with Mindfulness. As a coach working in Parliament, having discovered Mindfulness, it was a natural progression to want to develop and deliver Mindfulness programmes.

Beginning my teacher training under the respected Shamash Alidina renowned author and Mindfulness teacher. I then went on to further my journey qualifying as a teacher with the Mindfulness Association. Since 2015 I have delivered numerous Mindfulness programmes across Parliament working with MP’s, Peers, their staff, in addition staff across the whole of Parliament.


I have always engaged with social responsibility. Engaging Mindfulness offers charities free mindfulness programmes. In addition Engaging Mindfulness supports Haven House Children's Hospice.