Engaging Mindfulness is how I feel each day.

I discovered mindfulness several years ago when I embarked on the journey of creating a better work/life balance. Juggling every day issues and tasks became the norm. When was the last time I stopped and just listened to the sounds surrounding me for no other reason than because I could? When did I last value a colleague whose opinion was not the same as mine? Mindfulness gave me the tools to experience the serenity of the moment.  As I realised that I could not be all things to all, that to give my all, I needed to step outside of the "doing" and immerse in the "being". My productivity improved, my work/life balance was now in sync.

I was introduced to Jon Kabbat Zinn the founding master of Mindfulness (started in the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in 1979) when he spoke at Parliament. His inspirational manner along with proven results encouraged the MPs to engage with mindfulness. This soon expanded to staff across Parliament. As a coach working in Parliament, having discovered mindfulness, it was a natural progression to want to develop and deliver mindfulness programmes to staff. Having trained under the respected Shamash Alidina renowned author and Mindfulness teacher. I have developed programmes designed to engage individuals and teams across both the workforce and on a personal level with a mindful attitude.