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“It has improved my self esteem, focus and concentration. The course is very well structured and the training materials are well designed”

“Whenever I get a little stressed and overwhelmed, I stop and think back to these sessions and what I learnt and slowly whatever was bothering me at the time doesn't seem to matter as much. I think the sessions have helped me step back from a situation and put it into perspective.”

Have found every session helpful. Each session spurred me on to be more positive

I feel more motivated to work towards achieving a few goals I have set myself.  I will try to remember not to be too hard on myself and give praise when this is due instead of being negative.

Without your encouragement and personable disposition I might still be holding back from doing something positive to get me back on track.


This was very calming to attend and made me feel more positive each time I attended. It is something that you need to practice all the time to feel the benefits.



Thank you Loraine! This is life changing and I am so happy to have given myself the space to do this. An absolute pleasure to do the course. You are a great coach!!!

I found it really helpful to have a dedicated time to practice mindfulness and share my experiences each week.


Excellent course, great instructor (Loraine) and already see the benefits of attending this course. Highly recommended. Thanks Loraine :) 

would love more

I struggled with "sharing" exercises but that is only because I tend to be a very private person & do not like sharing personal things